Surprise Me!

Summer 2020

Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu

2 episodes · OVA Completed 義姉はヤンママ授乳中

This story about a married woman, as is usual in such stories sexually unsatisfied in married life, and decided to make up for lost time with her brother, who came to stay with her husband and children. What started as a harmless joke on a drunken bench, will grow into a constant frenzied sex always and everywhere, at any convenient opportunity.

Ookami-san wa Taberaretai

Peak Hunt
3 episodes · TV Completed I Want to Be Eaten by a Wolf, オオカミさんは食べられたい

"I want Akagashira-sensei to be my first!"

Having a run in with the "skirt bandit," Ookami almost has her skirt stolen. Her teacher, Akagashira, passes by and becomes her hero after stopping the theft. As thanks, Ookami invites Akagashira to her home, but she has another reason for bringing him over.

(Source: WWWave Corporation, edited)


Soukou Seiki Ysphere: Ingyaku no Sennou Kaizou

Anime Antenna Iinkai
2 episodes · OVA Completed 装煌聖姫イースフィア ~淫虐の洗脳改造~

After an anti-human organization threatens all of humanity, the only ones up to the task of stopping them are two sexy heroines who use the powers of friendship, trust, and peace to overpower their opponents… by forcing them to ejaculate constantly and use up all their energy. Doesn’t seem like a great plan afterall…