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Ane Chijo Max Heart Episode 2


ane chijo max heart 2



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Release Date

November 30, 2018

Upload Date

November 29, 2018

Alternate Titles

Ane Chijo Max Heart あねちじょ☆マックスハート 치녀누나 맥스하트 あねちじょ♥マックスハート

“Kira, do me a favor, my bra hook is broken” Sarasa says with a large smile across her face as she barges into her younger brother’s classroom. Everyone staring at them blankly, they hide behind a curtain as they “fix her bra.” Her eyes gleaming with carnal desire, she grabs his meat stick and gets down to suck it, pretending she dropped something. Kira ends up cumming but is dissatisfied at what his sister just did. And like a fly to a lamp, Kasuri, who likes Kira, gets near him when Sarasa isn’t around. Peeing her pants, she uses it as a chance to have sex with Kira. Before Sarasa comes home, she uses the opportunity to stick his meat stick in her tight hole…