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Hasande Ageru Episode 2


hasande ageru 2


Queen Bee

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Hasande Ageru

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Release Date

October 26, 2018

Upload Date

October 26, 2018

Alternate Titles

Hasan de Ageru はさんであげる Hasande Ageru 끼워줄께

She was part of the track and field team and was working hard practicing for the tournament coming up. But all she could think about was her crush and fellow teammate Makiyama. She touched herself thinking about him every night, imagining herself with him. One day he caught her while she was caught up doing lewd things saying his name...
He was a salaryman who decided the best way to keep his body active was to join a local swimming center. Someone had been stealing men's underwear and he just so happened to walk in on her as she was doing it...his swim coach! She said he could do anything he wanted to her as long as he didn't tell anyone...