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Nankyoku 28 Gou Episode 1


nankyoku 28 gou 1



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Release Date

March 21, 1996

Upload Date

October 27, 2020

Alternate Titles

Mail Order Maiden 28 Mail Order Maiden 28: The Dutch Wife Nanjin 28 Nankyoku 28 Gou 南極28号

Aiwa is a hormonal young man who just wants to have a girlfriend and get laid. Perpetually daydreaming about his pretty schoolmate Kozue, Aiwa wastes no time in trying to win her affection. But one day, a mysterious package arrives at Aiwa's doorstep. It seems Aiwa is finally getting his mail order from some months ago -- a cute android girl who's supposed to do whatever he asks! Now this will definitely mess up his plans for Kozue, but then having his very own cutie at home sure is convenient... what's a guy to do then?