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Ooedo Forty Eight Episode 3


ooedo forty eight 3



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Release Date

February 21, 2008

Upload Date

April 12, 2019

Alternate Titles

OED48 Oodeo Shijyuuhatte Ooedo Forty Eight Ooedo Shijuu Hachite Ooedo Shijuuhatte 오오에도 48가지 수법 大江戸四十八手[ふぉうてぃえいと]

The action takes place in Ooedo Japan, when geishas and public houses appeared. Back then, girls raised in poor provincial families had little chances to get married successfully. The only opportunity to improve financial and social status for them was to move to Ooedo, the city of wealthy clans, and to become a servant or a geisha - and, perhaps, a lover of a rich feudal. Young and poor Oshizu has chosen this very path.