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Mucho Hentai sounds a little strange for a website. This implies that they will have Japanese-style cartoon pornography, but with some Spanish or Mexican flair. Although it's something I wouldn't have thought existed, a downtown joint now offers sushi burritos. How do I know this? Although I consider myself a porn expert and feel that I know a lot about it, these hentai fucks always surprise me. MuchoHentai has some Hentai that are dubbed in  in English. If you are curious, the name means "Lots of Hentai," and that's exactly what you will find at It is basically a porn tube that offers the free stuff.

Mucho Hentai, Indeed

The main page is just like any other porntube on the internet, but all screengrabs are of anime sluts and not of flesh-and-blood babes. This is obviously smut for one type of viewer. You are the one, right? All of the New Releases are first, and they're grouped together. Then, they'll be broken down into Recent Japanese Hentai Raw Hentai releases, Recent English Subbed Hentai releases,  Recent Hentai previews. It is very convenient to have easy access in your native language to hentai. I don't like when I have to fight off to a cartoon about a schoolgirl princess being raped and beaten by a tentacle-demon, and I don't understand the dialogue. When the fate of the universe is still lingering, I can't get my head around it. Your mileage will vary depending on how important the plot to you masturbatory satisfaction. It is unlikely that anyone will mistake MuchoHentai for an anime site. While some screencaps may be just people with faces that have been twisted in an attempt to achieve orgasmic bliss, or light gassiness; most screencaps are quite fucking dirty. Glistening titties, faces buried under poon, and devil bitches riding on cock are what I mean. This isn't Dragonball Z. Concerning the age-old hentai query, yes, you will have to live with pixelated male genitals on MuchoHentai. You don't need me to tell you anything. This is 100% authentic hentai straight from Japan. Anything made in the Land of the Rising Sun will have the cunts, cocks blurred out. You can find fully animated and anatomically accurate pussy impersonations on a fan site.

Anime Bitches Banged

Tinderbox Episode 2 is the newest English-subtitled video. Screencap shows two naked girls with large tits and what appear to be leashes around their necks. It looks like they are involved in some sort of orgy, given all the flesh tones and pixelated figures around them. Big-boobed bitches being fucked like dogs is what I love, so I clicked on the video page. A banner that isn't too obvious offers a MuchoHentai special discount to another site. However, I'm here to enjoy the free show. JW Player loads the clip almost immediately. Before the Tinderbox logo appeared, I didn't get any pop-ups or video ads.JW Player is a basic web gadget that does the job. The quality, speed and subtitles cannot be adjusted. You can move full-screen, skip around the timeline, change the volume, and play/pause the audio. It is amazing how high the resolution of the video is. The video resolution is very high. It's even HD. However, animated material has a large margin of error. Even if you have a dial-up connection, this will still look amazing. Is it a sailor outfit on hentai chicks or what? If I saw a broad in one of these outfits, I would be certain she was ready to take two huge dicks from each side. These cute little hats make good girls into depraved whores. Tinderbox Episode 2's sailor-suited blonde tags along to a club, where she soon realizes that no one else is as innocent and sweet as her. She giggles nervously when a few big men approach her and then she spots a couple broads having sex behind her. A few seconds later she is stroking the pixelated pud of a rich man and saying, "Gosh! This is crazy!" It's hot and stiff! Wow! "I peeled the skin!" I have no idea what the skin-peeling line means. Perhaps something was lost in translation because I saw dude just splooge all over her in front everyone. Fucking kinky! Tinderbox Episode 2 has a full-length episode, just like the other clips on MuchoHentai. Little Sailor Innocent is fucked by some rich men and a few women. Oh, and I discovered something new about hentai. They don't have censor the buttholes, it turns out. This girl flashes her big ol’ donut bootyhole at camera when that orgy happens. It's anime-clean and shiny, naturally.

This stuff is amazing!

To get an idea of how frequently MuchoHentai is updated, I visited the page with the Latest Releases. There have been a few clips posted within the last five minutes and 18 in the past week. This volume of full-length releases is impressive for a free site. The header links to the Release Calendar. Tinderbox Episode 2 is available for today. It includes a few other videos. One has schoolgirls, one has a nurse who is clearly violating important health codes, and two other releases feature devil sluts. I got a glimpse at the next month's schedule. It looks like releases are made every Friday. Next week's offerings will feature elves doing fucking and a bang from the behind.

Check out this Genre List

I have to admit that I am a morbidly curious motherfucker. I love to visit the Genre List of any hentai website. It will always be filled with the most bizarre fucking shit that I have ever seen. These sites are always new to me, no matter how many times they've been seen. You can hover over the Genre List at the top to see a shorter version that includes some of the most popular categories. This is already very kinky. You'll see Large Breasts, Masturbation and Yuri (Lesbians), as well as Incest, Rape and Futanari ("Dick-girls") on every other porn site. Clicking Genre List will take you to the entire list of depravity. Opening with the A's, you will first see Abduction and Anal Pump. We know they are serious and that is why ASSAULT is screamed in all capitals. As I flip through the list randomly, I find gems such as Parasites and Inverted Nipples. You can tell your friend next time he gets drunk and says he is a kinky fucker for liking to kiss women's feet. Tell your friend that you spent several days watching animated pornography in MuchoHentai’s Ripping In Peace subgenre. This will put an end to his ranting.

What else have they got?

The Hentai Series List is available. A link is located in the header. This list is much longer than I expected. There are many series. Clicking on any of them randomly will show you that most have at least one episode. You can find the Doujins link at the header if you are into still pornography and greasing the pole. It links to MuchoDoujins which is MuchoHentai's sister site for porn comics. You can play fap Roulette by using the Random button. MuchoHentai sent me a video called Houkago Episode 1 Raw the first time I hit it. It was tagged as Blow Job and Foot Job, Cream Pie, Cream Pie, Internal shots, Pet, Piercing, and other crazy shit. What's so amazing about this? During my entire visit to MuchoHentai, I didn't even see any spam. This is almost unheard of on a site that's free. I am a cheap, lazy, and inept bastard who uses an ad blocker to deprive them of any revenue. Many sites allow ads to slip through my blocker. But not this one. MuchoHentai is a great site for hentai lovers looking for full-length episodes. Their site is free, the catalog is large, and they won't spam you to death. This site will be particularly useful for enthusiasts who are familiar with the titles of their favorite hentai.